You may have heard of the team web crawler, especially when learning about SEO, and thought, “What on earth is a web crawler?”

A web crawler is a bot that searches and indexes content on the web. Sometimes called spiders or just crawlers, this computer program ensures that the indexed content appears in search engine results. 

These are typically run via search engines like Google via their algorithms. They discover URLs, review the content, and categorize all the web pages. The algorithms enable them to determine the importance of each web page.

Crawling every page of the internet would be a massive undertaking, even for a bot, so instead they decide on how important a web page is based on things like how many other pages link to them (inbound links), page views, and brand authority (content about Gap will rank higher on than another site because of its brand authority).

So why does any of this matter? 

It’s all part of technical SEO. When you launch a new site or make updates to your site, you can ask Google and other search engines to crawl your site, allowing them to index it. It will not only look at the copy and meta tags on your site, but also the robots.txt file which tells them which pages to crawl. 

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