1. Download the Instagram app

You can do this via your phone’s app store or head to the Instagram site.

2. Create an account

Fill out the forms with your business email address, company name, a username (typically your business name), a username, and a secure password. 

If you have a business Facebook account you can also sign up there. 

3. Switch over to a business account

Go to your profile and click the three lines visible in the top right corner. Scroll down and select “Account” where you’ll see “Switch to Business Account”. Be sure to choose this and not “Creator” – the creator accounts are for influencers, celebrities, and content creators.

4. Profile Setup

Choose your profile photo. This should be something instantly recognizable, like your logo or the icon from your logo. Avoid words that will difficult to read at a small size. 

Fill out your bio (this should align with what you created for your branding), your website, business hours, and your contact information. 

5. Start posting

Get some content up on your page before you start promoting your account. We recommend no less than 9 posts. Check out our Instagram Image Guide to help you get started. 

You can invite people from your other profiles like Facebook, or via your site and newsletter. Before you start sending a lot of people to your profile, ensure this is a channel you can manage with regular frequency. Our 3 Quick Tips to create a month’s worth of Instagram posts in a day is a good starting point. Need additional support? Contact us to chat about how we can help.