As agency owners, we’re constantly grappling with the balance of creating content for our clients and creating marketing content for ourselves.

As we’ve gotten to know more and more agency owners over the years we realized this wasn’t unique to us. In fact, most agency owners struggle with marketing their own business, especially creating compelling content.

So we started Dooder. Dooder is a done-for-you content marketing toolkit for digital marketing agencies focused on SEO, GMB, reputation management – you know, all the local biz stuff that so many of us do for our clients.

The setup is simple:
Each month you’ll receive SurferSEO optimized blog posts, Monday – Friday social media posts, videos, and a customizable lead magnet. Everything is done in a way that you can customize it to be entirely your own, or you can run with it as is.

The goal is that you can stay visible online for your prospects while you focus on closing sales and running your agency. Because let’s get real – working on social media posts is at the bottom of your list of priorities. But like you probably tell your clients, having a consistent presence is a huge part of being successful.

So join us over on and while you’re at it, check out our new podcast, The Amplified Agency.