When you’re working on your marketing plan you’ll hear the word “brand” all the time – what is your brand, is that on-brand, etc. Branding your business goes beyond your logo – it’s about the ethos of your company. 

Building your brand is critical to the success of your business since it’s what gives your business an identity, value, awareness, and a “brand voice”. 

Branding your business needn’t be expensive. In fact, with some practical tools and applications, you can build your brand without spending a lot of money. 

3 Tips to Affordably Brand Your Business

  1. Develop an identity
  2. Define your social media presence
  3. Start making content on your website

1. Develop an Identity

When you started your business you identified who your core audience/clientele would be. Based on that research (and competitor research) you can start to develop your identity and voice for your brand. 

Wondering where to get started? Start with a list of your company values and what they represent. Who are you and how do you want people to remember you. We often call this your USP (unique selling proposition). 

Use this to help you develop your voice – the tone you use in all of your communications, whether internal messaging or public promotions. Think about companies who inspire you – what tone do they use in their messaging? Approachable, serious, fun, witty, dependable – what’s the right mix for your business?

As you determine your brand identity and voice you can start focusing on creating content that supports your brand. You’ll want this content to reflect your companies values and how you want to appear to customers. Will your copy be conversational or perhaps technical? What will make your audience feel connected and comfortable with your brand?

2. Define your social media presence

Time to find your audience and interact with them authentically!

You’ve identified what your customers want and need, how your business fulfills that, and the values of your business that make you the top choice to purchase from. 

Now you can figure out where your audience is on social media. Why social? We know the majority of people are now on social media. Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users, with over 130 million users in the United States alone!

Do competitive research. Does your audience engage in social media and your competitors? Where do your competitors most often engage with their audience? Is it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram? This can start to give you an idea of where to test first.

Of course, social media isn’t the only place to reach your audience. It’s a great starting point, but you’ll want to expand to other sites thereafter. This diversification will allow you to reach your customers at various touchpoints and determine where to best allocate your resources. 

You’ll also need to determine the frequency of how you can maintain your presence online. We all know that awkward moment of visiting a brand page just to find it hasn’t been updated in months. Is the company still in business? Did something happen? Pick a way to reach your audience in a way that you can manage. Check out our 3 quick tips on how to create a month’s worth of posts in a single day to help you get started. 

3. Start making content on your website

Inbound marketing is multi-faceted and one of the core pieces is attracting new customers with content that they are searching for. Part of this is done via SEO on your core website pages, but the other critical component is content marketing. You want to be creating content that is relevant to your audience and that you can reuse across your social media networks. 

You can get an idea of what your customers are looking for by doing some keyword research. This helps ensure that your content is filling a need that people are actively searching for versus what you may be most interested in. 

Similar to planning out your social media posts, you’ll also want to create a content calendar for your website. This way you can carve out time once a month or once a week to write the content needed. 

While affordable, creating SEO driven content for your website can be time consuming. Contact us to learn more about our content marketing services in Utah and beyond.